Should i write a long blog post for better SEO?

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Even the blog post is shorter or longer. The content you generate needs to stand out.

Here is my story on “How I found my style of writing?” , I didn’t have a clue on how to write a blog post? Or How to run a blog?

Absolutely lost in these dimensions, I had this fear of losing my crowd or invite any more traffic to my blog!

Been Scared … What will I do? I was in look out for mentors. I found them, here it starts rest of my journey.

1)Neil Patel

Started to explore his blog days after days. Reading each line by line. Finally considered writing longer blog post would do the magic trick of inviting more visitors to my blog.

I started to draft 2000 to the 3000-word count blog post. Proof reading the same, I did notice, missed something !!  Yeah, it was a “charm” to retain my blog readers for a longer period. Started to compare my article with Niel Patel posts, saw a major gap.

1)Niel Patel have used this secret sauce,

  1. Simple English
  2. Good Narration
  3. Killer Title
  4. Lots of images (All kinds of images)
  5. Sprinkled right amount of Internal and External Links
  6. Information show in various forms such as graphs, pie charts

Most importantly, he wasn’t bluffing on what is he writing about ?? 🙂

I didn’t stop here, still, I wasn’t convinced. I did my research again.

2)Seth Godin

He is known as an internet marketer and blogger and list would go on 🙂 Most importantly he is known for drafting shorter posts!

His blog sample, take a look !!

Tried to write something similar to his style !! I couldn’t complete my mission. So I choose to write something in between a shorter and longer post.

A medium size blog post, I felt it much more compelling than other two types.

So coming to a conclusion, No matter how long or short your posts are? Content should be good!! Nothing would help you in any manner!!

You can read my blog post on “How to write a good blog post”

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