Which one to choose Managed or Normal wordpress hosting?

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Made up your mind to start a blog and choose WordPress over the others. So after few dips in qoura and wiki, you came to know WordPress hosting are available in following flavors

1)Shared WordPress Hosting

2)Managed WordPress Hosting

3)Cloud WordPress hosting

4)Dedicated WordPress hosting

Dilemma starts – Which hosting should I choose? am a newbie !!

I would recommend choosing managed WordPress hosting over others. Here is my view about it,

1)You dont have to worry anything about speed and performance when it comes to managed WordPress. They are all taken care by the service provider itself.

2)Security is a major concern when you run WordPress blogs.Hacking is a common problem with WordPress blogs. Things are bit tightened over this end, it does provide more secure and feasible blogging platform among the other WordPress hosting platforms.

3)Effective Maintenance! Maintenance becomes one hell of the task if you are running up a normal shared WordPress hosting. You have to take care of the backup manually.

Whereas in the case of managed WordPress, hosting providers will be taking care of things for you. The auto backup will be scheduled and you are pretty much safe up here.

4)Monitoring the Servers for downtime. In Shared WordPress you have to take care of this monitoring part, you have to make sure your blog doesn’t go down. How tedious right? With managed WordPress hosting everything is taken care by hosting provider.

With managed WordPress hosting everything is taken care by hosting provider.

5)Accessibility of WordPress, gone are those days where you need a static IP to access your cpanel and other weird stuff. Now all you have is an internet connection and proper credentials.

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